Gongyan’s vision is to become one of the most efficient E-cigarettes OEM/ODM manufacturer.

Gongyan has the full power to provide R&D services to our partners, including industrial design, structural design, and circuit design. We are strongly backed with a professional R&D team who had years of experiences in e-cigarettes industry. Gongyan has developed many innovative and revolutionary e-cigarette products in the past years. We can meet your various needs and requirements on products, with satisfaction.

Industrial Design

Proficient in modeling design, color research, material technology, and ergonomics, etc., Gongyan industrial design team can provide a complete set of industrial design services. The industrial design team has been awarded A’ Design&Competition Award, Paris Design Award, Green Product Award and Golden Pin Award.

Structural Design

Evaluate the feasibility and production of the project according to the customers’ requirements, provide structural design services, including functional structure design, material selection and adjust the E-Cigarettes’ flavor, vapor production, resistance, etc., to solve oil leakage, spitting, burning, and other problems from the structure.

Circuit Design

Our circuit design team consists of a hardware team, software team, and test team. We can provide customers with Schematic Design, PCB Circuit Design, Underlying Code Development & Software Test, Component Selection, and PCBA Performance Test. And we have stable relationships with the advanced MCU and SMT suppliers.